Joseph Cullen Interviews Suzanne Clegg on Bengston Energy Healing Method – Part 2

Here’s the continuation of the Interview with Suzanne Clegg and Joseph Cullen from October 2018.

They discuss:

  • How William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling is different from positive thinking
  • Healing as “resonance” rather than “transfer” from healer to healee.
  • Beginners luck with hands-on-healing is a real phenomenon.
  • How Suzanne “came to terms” with the fact that her patients got better from cancer (it wasn’t simple)
  • People dying from something else after their cancer was gone.
  • A broader point of view about the biology of cancer.
  • The possible biological reason why fasting may inhibit a healing response.
  • How Suzanne helps her patients through perceived barriers to gracefully succeeding with Rapid Image Cycling
  • How the emotion of fear can actually help you heal with cancer
  • The role of the “Self” in healing

Part One of this video has the highlights of the conversation.  Part Two is the whole interview.

Please share this with a person with cancer or someone whose pet has cancer.  Suzanne has many resources to support their journey:

  • Spirit Gate Cancer Support – free Facebook Group.
  • Distance healing and training for people and pet-parents facing cancer
  • Functional Nutrition and herbal support
  • Book: There Is Another Way:  Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer  (very helpful for treating people as well)  click here to buy
  • House-calls to continental United States. Suzanne may be able to travel to you and train your family how to repetitively cool down hot cancerous tumors using hands-on healing.  It really isn’t that hard to learn how to reduce pain, reduce medications, and extend life.   Once you are confident, she moves on and supports you via phone/video.
  • Complimentary “get acquainted” call.