I have been thinking, with gratitude, of the many people I have recently helped. Some had auto-immune disease, others had cancer, digestive problems, or weird pain issues that other professionals had not been able to help them with. In looking for a common thread, I realized that the one thing they had in common was that they needed another way.

Usually I write about some health topic, but today, I just want to update you on some of the many developments that make Spirit Gate Acupuncture, not just another holistic health office.

There is another way to pay: Insurance! Click on this button/link below that lets you put your insurance information into my biller’s system. They will check to see what your acupuncture coverage is. As always, my fees are structured so that if you only want nutrition advice or simple acupuncture (you don’t need the whole show of sound healing and psycho-spiritual transformational work) there are affordable options.

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There is another way to heal your relationship to food: Harmonic Detox.

The perfect food support group didn’t exist, so I created it! We will combine the camaraderie and accountability of other participants, sound healing (needle-less acupuncture for weight loss/gain), and study of Marianne Williamson’s A Course in Weight Loss. The optional Standard Process Whole Food Purification Program will pump up your nutrition so you have the strength for all the inner changes you will be focusing on around food. Call or email about this.

There is another way to live with less toxins: ENJO Chemical Free Cleaning.

ENJO cleans with fibers and water…no green cleaners and certainly no toxic cleaners. Phoebe (my office assistant, daughter and ENJO Consultant) can demonstrate in our office or in your home how ENJO cleans better, faster, cheaper and helps the Earth. My cancer and auto-immune patients NEED to clean their homes this way, but really, everyone thrives in a home that is a toxin-free sanctuary.

There is another way to do acupuncture that often works better than needles: Acutonics®. Tuning forks applied to acupuncture points are soothing and nurturing. They help you access natural healing forces that needles cannot reach.

I teach you how to use the forks on yourself so you can conveniently treat yourself between visits.