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Holy Nights Octave Resonance Spinning with Your 2021 Future

This 12-day class will help you


Create goals, new beginnings, enchantment, and manifesting in partnership with your future free Self.


Use symbols, dreams and art to connect with your positive future..


Transform possibilities into probabilities with the help of imaginative thought.

How Suzanne’s work has helped others with their healing


Suzanne’s ability to “see on the other levels” is wonderful. She “looks” and is “present” and my tumor pain subsides. I also feel happy in a deep place inside me. It’s like the healing lets joy in and that is what does the work.



This group healing was very good for me. At first, I wasn’t sure I can do it, but Suzanne’s help it wasn’t so difficult. I have been taking Laxpro, so I don’t know why I am doing better. But I believe, cycling was something to do with it. This meeting was very fulfilling for me and very meaningful. I hope to continue to learn more from you. Thanks you for spending time and giving us great opportunity.


Amanda Lepore

I definitely felt the energy. Then I got goosebumps all over my head and it felt like the top of my head had expanded by about a third. Afterwards I got the same feeling of joy and love and peace that I had last time and also had the moment of emotional release accompanied by tears.

Amanda Lepore

Greg Golam

This was my first participation in a live circle healing session, and it was an amazing experience. Though new to spinning and healing, one could feel a connection that was both inner and outer. As my hands usually feel hot while working on my wife’s condition, I felt my whole body get warm while in the green cylinder by the pond. Also it was beautiful to see the names and boats on the water, where as the cylinder increased speed, I noticed wisps of white clouds spiraling above each boat, eventually turning green also. It was overall an exhilarating experience that I hope transfers to healing energy manifesting with each individual person and animal on the list. Thank you from my heart Suzanne, and to the great community of healers here!

Greg Golam

Details of the Course

Fee: $270 $27 for 12 Days!  Yes, my treat!

Where: Facebook Live in a Private Facebook Group

When: December 26 – January 6, 10:00 am —10:25 am Eastern Time worldtimebuddy

Daily Agenda

9:55 am - Joining the Facebook meeting

10:00 am – We start the session for the day

Focus of the Day -. We resonate every day with one month of 2021, starting with January in our first session and ending with December 2021 on January 6th.

Wishes and Goals – We will take 5 minutes of quiet to review our goals and to review our dreams that we wrote down from the night before.

Octave Resonance Spinning Meditation – For 5 minutes, Suzanne will guide us to establish a living relationship with our Future Free Self..

Symbolic Drawing – We will then take 2 minutes to draw doodles from our subconscious mind about the upcoming month we are focusing on that day.

Receive Impression – We will write down our impressions in our Holy Nights Journal and come up with a possible theme for the upcoming month.

10:25 am – Closing.

What you will need:

A notebook to record your nightly dreams every morning

A notebook or card to draw and record your monthly theme

At least 7 goals for 2021 that you can keep a clear mental picture of.

A sacred space with special decorations for your work. This is your space, so have fun with it.

Who is Suzanne Clegg?

Hi! I am Suzanne Clegg. I have been a holistic health practitioner for over 35 years as a National Board Certified Acupuncturist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Herbalist, Sound Healer and Medical Intuitive. I’ve worked in hospitals, rehab centers and private practice. I am the author of There Is Another Way: Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer. I have been using various energy-healing technologies specifically with cancer for about 12 years. I have my own approach…the Octave Resonance Healing Approach™.


These sessions are really for anyone who wishes to work intuitively with their goals for 2021. Even if you have never practiced my Octave Resonance Spinning meditation before or this is the first time you are hearing of any of this.  We are going to be practicing at a very basic level. I am going to be guiding you every step of the way and you can always reach out to me if you are stuck somewhere. So just relax, attend the workshop, and watch what unfolds from within you!

For this group session, there is no need for experience. I am going to be giving a very detailed guide for every step that will allow everyone in the group to focus and move forward together. So the session is going to feel very comfortable, whether you have experience or not.

Even if you are unable to attend a session, we will be conducting this via Facebook Live. So you will be able to check out the videos at any time on the Facebook Group. Just take out 30 minutes whenever you get time to catch up with the day’s workshop and prepare yourself for the upcoming session.

  1. When you retire, ask that your dreams give you guidance for the corresponding future month.  In the morning jot down your dreams.  For example, on the evening of December 25th, you will go to sleep with the request to dream about January 2021. Have a notebook and pen ready to capture your impressions upon waking.   On the second day (the evening of December 26) you will retire with the request to your subconscious to give you a dream about February 2021.  Each day we will intuitively connect with the next future month.  You can review your notes during the group session.  
  2. If you don’t remember your dreams, it’s ok as there is plenty more to be received from your intuition in the structure of these twelve days.  Often we ask for guidance and it comes in ways we don’t expect.

Yes! My Octave Resonance Spinning(™) and William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling(R) are similar but different.  With Rapid Image Cycling you have a “List”.  You may use the part of each workshop where we “review our goals”  to connect deeply with each item on your List.  If you already know how to do Image Cycling, by all means integrate it into this exercise.   After a few days, the group will establish a groove, and  you can experiment  with how the two similar-but-different techniques enhance or distract from your inner process

  • 1. During our meditations, we will be reviewing our goals and asking our inner guidance to give us clear mental pictures of each one of our “wishes for 2021.”  This is alchemy.  When there is genuine psycho-spiritual healing there is always a physical shift that happens as well.   We are participating in bringing Heaven (thoughts, wishes) to Earth (physical shifts). 


  • 2. During the twelve days you will become conscious of many good things the future holds for you so be prepared to add to your list of wishes.  It may be fun for you to create a few blocks of time (for yourself privately not with the group) to do some sort of art with your wishes.  For example, creating a collage of images, or some other art where there is a physical representation/symbol of what currently is just a desire.  Optional but a lot of fun!
  1. The Holy Nights is indeed a Christian conception.  If you know me, you know that I am a spiritual “mutt.”  I find beauty,  mystery and sustenance in many different religious customs. I’m pretty good at not confusing the images, feelings,  symbols and stories I have about spiritual truths, with the actual spiritual experience. I will be creating a non-denominational structure for asking questions.  You can ask for assistance from your supraconscious, from Christ, from your Future Free Self, from your spirit animal guide, from your ancestors, etc..   

  2. You will be working with information that comes from beyond your conscious mind, so how you authentically Frame it for yourself if how you will do it.

No. This workshop will be conducted on Facebook which is not a very private place (to say the least).  I will provide structure.  You can comment a bit (let me know you are watching!), but the real show happens inside YOU, and is best kept private.  When we create a sacred, private, safe inner space, much guidance and healing can be received.

Introducing movement into an imaginary object can enhance meditation.  It helps you keep your focus on what you are imagining.  It introduces frequency which helps you resonate with whatever you are trying to resonate with.  It encourages simultaneous attachment/detachment.  It is a wonderful entry thread into releasing all thought and expectation and simply being Present in the Now.  It practically guarantees dismantling the space/time barrier … in a loving, grateful, softening and spacious way.   It’s easy to learn (just follow my instructions).

This 12-Day Workshop may make all the difference in how you approach 2021

Create goals, new beginnings, enchantment, and manifesting in partnership with your future free Self.

Use symbols, dreams and art to connect with your positive future..

Give yourself the present of Presence

FINALLY write down your goals every day for 12 days!!

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