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Does your pet have cancer?

Are you aware of the benefits of energy medicine but you’re not sure about how it may help cancer?

Are you worried about how to manage an ailing pet? All the trips to the vet, the pain, the suffering? You would like to help them, but comfort and manageability are also important?

This book explains my method of teaching you how to activate your pet’s innate healing ability. It is easy to learn and often quite effective, even for a beginner!

You may be familiar with William Bengston, PhD’s research, where in 15 peer reviewed university settings, he documented cancer cures in almost all of the mice that had otherwise incurable cancer. I am fully trained by Bengston in his method that got those results. I have developed it into my own approach using video coaching so that your pet is relaxed.

Who this book is for:

  • you are at least slightly familiar with energy healing (acupuncture, laying-on-of hands, Reiki, Healing Touch, prayer, Bengston Energy Healing Method®, etc.)
  • You know that the physical body can be affected by emotions and spiritual input and you want to include the in your care for your sick animal companion.

Why a book on animals?

People ask me, “Why animals? Why not write about helping people?” It started with Georgette, my daughter’s hamster. I treated her for a huge growth on the side of her head. I documented it on YouTube. Pet owners started finding me. They had found out about Bill Bengston’s research and asked me to teach them. The successes came from pet owners willing to do most of the sessions themselves, using me as a coach and a supplemental distance healer.

So why animals? It’s simple. I want to get 100 documented cancer cures ASAP, and I can do that faster with animals than with people.

  • Animals heal faster and easier than people, so whereas I treat people in my office, I think I can get more cures faster if I help people treat their own animals.
  • The terror and fear around cancer in a pet can be intense but is usually less than with a person with cancer.
  • Pet owners are much more committed to giving their pets the necessary short treatments.
  • There is a more relaxed “let’s try this and see how it goes” approach with animals.
  • Families are generally supportive of using energy medicine on a pet—or at least tolerant.
  • It’s easy for me to train pet owners, via Skype, how to give their animal companions a few short treatments a day.
  • Everything that applies to animals also applies to people. People are more complex than animals, but the book helps people stick to the basics.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter One: Six things I Tell People When They Learn Their Pet Has Cancer

  • There is another way.
  • You don’t have to be “gifted” to help your pet.
  • My method has a foundation of solid scientific research.
  • My method for pets is an extension of my work with people.
  • Be prepared for your own inner transformation as you help your pet heal.
  • Yes, this method is experimental—and you have support.

Chapter Two: Is This You?

  • “I don’t what to give my pet chemo!”
  • “I am comfortable with natural healing methods, but I have no clue how to help my pet with cancer.”
  • “I’m intrigued…but I have my doubts”
  • “I don’t believe you! This is ridiculous!”

Chapter Three: My Vision

Chapter Four: What is This Method?

  • On the Physical Level
  • On the Life Force Level
  • On the Emotional Level
  • On the Imagination Level
  • On the Spiritual Level
  • Can you do this? What preparation do you need?

Chapter Five: Healing with your Heart, Hara, Hands & Head.

  • Opening with the Heart and the Hara
  • Scan for Emotions
  • Make Energetic Contact
  • Make Physical Contact
  • Start your Clegg Resonance Cycling™ technique or William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling® technique
  • How to move your hands, where to place them.
  • Heal the whole animal
  • Don’t give cancer a lot of attention
  • Ending the session
  • What to notice between sessions (yes, this can all be done in just a few minutes per session!)

Chapter Six: How To Tell If It Is Working

  • 25 indicators that your pet is responding well.

Chapter Seven: Common Mistakes and Myths

Chapter Eight: Reasons Why People Stop

Chapter Nine: Your Next Step.

All this in just 50 pages!

This book will get you started. When you get the book, you may also want to join my free Facebook Group, Spirit Gate Pet Cancer Support. Join here to get your questions answered and to see how others are working with their pets using energy medicine. I do a free Distance Healing for group members who request to be included on Facebook Live every week!