How to give an Octave Resonance Healing Session – Hands on Healing?

When I do Distance Healing sessions for people, I often train friends and family members how to do a simple hands on healing technique.  I suggest that they do this 5-10 minutes, 1-3 times daily.   This gives their loved one the frequency and amount of energy work that will make a difference.   I take the “laying on of hands” very literally… it means human hands gently touching a person or a pet’s body (helps plants too).  When I do a Distance Healing (where I am particularly good at cooling down hot, cancerous tumors, reducing pain, and more) my sessions can be amplified 10-100X if my patient and their family is involved with learning how to do simple energy healing sessions themselves.

Recently, a family I was working with asked me to summarize the steps in a healing session, so they could refer to it.  This article is the “cheat sheet”.  It is NOT an explanation of why.  It doesn’t give the scientific, clinical nor philosophic reasoning behind the steps.  It’s just the steps.

If you are helping one of my patients now, you will already be in training with me and will find this a helpful summary.  If you are reading this because you are on my mailing list, it might interest you to know what an Octave Resonance Healing session might look like for a cancer patient.


  1. Ground yourself into the NOW using the octaves of Physical, Life Force, Emotions/Images and Spirit.
  2. Be aware of the stillness in your Hara.
  3. Be aware of a spinning ball on top of your head that contains images of your happy future. You can’t see the pictures of your future but you know they are there.
  4. Pass your left hand across your patient’s body while you keep your imaginary ball spinning and your Hara still and quiet. Notice what the energy field feels like.  Compare the field above a “sick” area with the field above a body part that appears healthy.  You can do this on top of clothes usually.
  5. You will sense that your patient’s body seems to want your hand to go to a certain spot. Let your left hand go to that spot.  While holding the left hand there, try touching several other spots with your right hand.  You will notice that your left hand will feel different, depending on where you place your right hand.  When you have found an interesting or energetic position, hold your hands there.
  6. If you can’t tell where to touch, you may just be having an off day, or you may need to train your sensitivity (not hard to train). In that case the “formula” is to start with a strengthening location that is NOT the tumor area.  Right below the navel is a nice opening location.  I like to notice the strength that my patient has, and only when it is nicely resonating, do I move to the actual tumor area.
  7. After a few minutes it may start feeling boring instead of interesting. The first step is to change the position of the right hand to see if it activates the left hand again.  If it doesn’t activate the left hand, you change the location of the left hand.  Simply scan the body with your left hand and put it where it seems to want to go.
  8. Keep spinning your imaginary ball full of wonderful images of an attractive future. Keep being aware of the stillness in your Hara.
  9. Keep touching and shifting when the location you are on feels complete.
  10. You can take little breaks and come back to where you were.
  11. You can turn your patient over and work with their back, and you can have them sitting up. You want to allow yourself to be inspired how to change it up.  Avoid staying in one spot too long.
  12. You will know the session is finished when either the tumor cools down or there is a cool breeze about an inch off the body over the tumor area. Sometimes it feels like their whole body “settles”.  This can take 5-60 minutes and occasionally more.  It’s OK to give a partial treatment.
  13. When you are done, wash your hands with water.

I’m attaching an audio recording of the end of a session where I had just finished guiding a small group of people in how to give a healing session to their friend.  I tried to condense an hours-worth of training into a few minutes of summary.  As of this writing, their friend seems to have stopped declining with her cancer and appears to be “on the mend”.  She gets frequent treatments from her friends, as well as Group Distance Healings that I facilitate.  It appears that our efforts are part of the reason she is improving.

If you have questions or want to give it a try you can always book a “Get Acquainted” call with me using this link.

How to give hands on energy treatment Suzanne Clegg ( – Click Here to Listen Audio