Energy Healing for Dogs

Did you know that most dogs die of cancer?  Sometimes when they are elderly and all-too-often, when they are relatively young.  If you have a dog—perk up—you may need this information sooner than you like.

Your experience of having a dog with cancer does not have to be one of horror and sadness.  There truly is another way!  There are Facebook groups for what seems to be every kind of dog cancer.  My heart goes out to the loving pet-parents who are desperately looking for the right diet and the right medications in what appears to be death sentence.  In my experience of helping people with cancer, I of course appreciate that diet and medications are important.

What’s missing is the thing that I think works better than any of that – energy medicine!  It’s a paradigm shift for many… but if you have read this far, you are either very curious, or have a working knowledge of just how effective energy medicine can be.

It has been thoroughly, scientifically documented, in University-sponsored, peer-reviewed studies that cancer is reliably CURED in mice.  William Bengston has 15+ such studies which have shown hundreds of mice responding with CURES using energy medicine.  Not “feeling a little better”.  Not “living a little longer”.  Dramatic shrinkage of enormous hot tumors (until they are completely gone) and then living their normal life span.

We may know about this research, and yet, when our own family dog gets cancer, we reach out for support—guidance—answers …not for research.

The question should not be “can it work?”, but rather, “can it work for my dog?”


“What if it was easy, fun, affordable, and convenient to DO SOMETHING concretely helpful for my dog with cancer?

What if doing healing sessions with my dog would not only help her, but unlock something beautiful in myself, where I get healed too?

What hassles with pills and side effects could I avoid if my dog just didn’t need them so much?


That’s where my free Facebook Group Spirit Gate Pet Cancer Support comes in.  You need to be around other people who are doing it, have done, want to do it, for their pets with cancer.  You need an expert who knows how to manage a naturally healing tumor (that would be me).   You need to see before/after pictures of dogs who are feeing better.

Consider yourself invited.  It doesn’t hurt and it may help … a LOT!


Already in the Spirit Gate Pet Cancer Support Facebook Group?  Please go to that group, tell us your story, ask questions, and participate in the Facebook Live Healing sessions.  You don’t need a pet with cancer to be in the group… your participation helps other people’s animals.