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If you elect to receive cotton from me, I will include a paper copy of these instructions.  Cotton is included in multiple-session packages or can be purchased separately. Send me an email at info@spiritgate.com if you wish to obtain energetically-charged cotton.

Charged cottonThis cotton has been “charged” or “activated” with healing intention for you.   The only rule about how to use it is that there is no rule.   To give you some sort of starting point, the following are suggestions of how others have used it.  If you get a gut feeling to do something different, follow your inner knowing rather than these instructions.

Cut a piece of it and wear it next to your body for many hours per day.  Wear it over the part of your body that needs healing.


The size of the piece depends on the body part you are concerned with a 3-5 inch square is enough to cover most ailments.  If you have many body parts that need attention or have a whole body issue, pick one spot and the rest of your body will also benefit.  You don’t want the cotton to be teeny tiny, but it is wasteful to have more than you need — just use your judgment.  Don’t get too hung up on the size as this is energy medicine.

Many people wear their cotton at night.  You can tape it to the affected area, or wear clothing that holds it in place.  An elastic bandage loosely wrapped can get the cotton to stay on an arm or leg.  An eye mask can hold it over the eyes.

Many people can use one piece of cotton 4-7 days.  Others feel uncomfortable after only a few hours.  If you sense the cotton is either “full” or “finished,” DISCARD it!  Assume that your body’s response to the cotton is unique.  Simply be observant and you will find what’s right for you.

Keep the partially used cotton that you plan to reapply to your body in a separate bag from the charged cotton you haven’t started to use yet.  Avoid contaminating the fresh with the used cotton.


Feel very free to email me at info@spiritgate.com with the results you are getting.  I love cotton stories!