A little while ago I participated in another cancer cure. Special because it broke through two barriers that I had previously experienced in Distance Healing sessions. Previously, I have never facilitated a cure with someone who has had chemo… she did

Previously I have never had a complete cancer remission on someone I had never met in person. I met her last November 2018.  We did two sessions.  Between the CT scan (cancer in her groin and her lungs) and PET scan (no cancer anywhere), there were just a few weeks.

I want to describe what it was like for me to participate in this distance healing session. I will call her Kelly.  That’s not her real name. She doesn’t want the world to know she is a cancer survivor (at least not yet)… she is still getting used to the idea that she is cured.

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Distance Healing Sessions

I remember how it was.  When I do Distance Healing there is a certain “energetic signature” of cancer that I recognize in my patient.

On the first treatment, I felt this in her.  I explained how healing doesn’t come from me, but from the future.  I gave her some visualization exercises that prodded her to switch out of fear of death into “if I didn’t have cancer, what would I welcome into my life?”

She instantly sensed the power of the introspective exercises I suggested and really worked on them. You can learn more about how I connect with people when I do distance healing.

The second treatment, she was smiling…   I didn’t want to waste time so I started the “healing” so that it could get going and then I would ask about how she was doing.  I was a bit perplexed.  I said, “Hmm, it doesn’t seem like the cancer is IN your body… it’s as if it is a bit outside of it… still “around” but very different from last time.

That’s when she couldn’t contain herself and informed me that she had a completely clean PET scan.  I was SO HAPPY!  She said her doctors were all completely surprised.

We met several more times (just to be thorough), that was in November.  Then in March 2019 (4 months later), she had another scan and she remained cancer free.  Again, I was SO HAPPY!

We talked about how it happened.  Is there something to be learned here?

  1. Deep awareness that she would be healed
    • She was always surprised as her disease progressed and the doctors would tell her she was getting worse and worse. It didn’t fit.
    • Awareness is different from belief. Belief comes from Ego and Awareness comes from beyond… the future for example.
  2. She followed her inner guidance (which told her to do chemo, and to do sessions with me)
  3. She allowed herself to sense what was real and true for her in what I suggested… and she did it. She took to the rapid image cycling exercise like a pro.

These results are NOT typical.  Often patients get many many treatments for months and improve slowly.

I searched my soul for what I did differently.

  • I didn’t find anything. I simply did my normal thing
  • She had been referred to me by an old friend who trusted me and I wanted to do my best. I always want to do my best, but I did feel a “blessing” of sorts from this other person. I often feel that my patients have tremendous loving support from a friend or family member, so this was not unique to this spontaneous healing, but I do feel it was an important piece of support.
  • I connected and did my usual thing. I don’t get to choose who responds and who doesn’t.

Every time I facilitate a remission (or a non-remission for that matter), my clinical experience deepens and I have more to offer my patients.  This time, it was a certain recognition of the “energetic signature” of a cure.  I have been getting better and better at sensing if someone is receptive to the distance healing sessions, and what I felt in her I have also felt in the others that have recovered.  I can recognize this quality in other patients and if it is not there, I can do things to nurture this quality.  All healing is between the patient and their Maker/Source/True Nature.  My role is to notice if that connection is being made and offer physical and/or energetic “touch” that shifts things so that healing can come in. I also teach William Bengston method to my patients in the process if they are interested.

If you feel it can give someone you know hope, please share it with them.  If you think I may be able to help a person or a pet with cancer, they can read through my website and I offer a complimentary get acquainted call.