Distance Healing Defy Natural Law?

  1. Distance healing is an ancient time-honored practice. I specialize in distance healing for Cancer, and I do that because it’s easy for me to cool down hot cancerous tumors and reduce pain… over the phone.  With this immediate feedback, so it’s easy for my clients to tell if it is worth continuing.  I don’t really understand “how” it works, but I do know how to set up conditions so that it often does work.  Most folks consider this as either quackery or magical—which means it defies a certain lawful quality.
  2. Farming (you know… putting seeds in the ground and watching them grow) is also a time-honored practice. Farmers know a lot about seed quality, soil, sunshine, fertilizer, microbes, companion planting, weather, temperature.  Most farmers don’t know how the seed actually sprouts and grows… only how to nurture the process.  Most would agree that farmers work with natural law, and when they defy it, the plants don’t grow.
  3. Just like a child can plant a seed in a cup and give it water and sun and it usually grows, beginning distance-healers can often get decent physical shifts in the people or pets they practice on. And just like farming, when it doesn’t quite work, experience and understanding of the laws that govern plant growth can guide changes in strategy.  Plants need a certain amount of water… too much or too little and they don’t grow as well.  Same goes for light, soil quality and all the other systems that support plant growth.
  4. The laws and factors that I use to tweak and nurture my distance healing so that my patients heal include:
    1. Resonance/frequency
    2. Nutrition
    3. Sleep
    4. Spiritual Practice
    5. Playfulness
    6. Innovation and change
    7. Community
    8. Individuality
    9. Relationship to the Future
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