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What is Distance Healing Circle?

Do you know…

  • We are connected to each other, and we are connected to Source. When we become more aware of our connection to Source, we can help heal each other, even from a distance.
  • Real physical health problems often have causes (and cures) that are not physical, and not necessarily religious.
  • Medication, surgery, belief, nutrition, herbs, prayer, and distance healing do not “fix” your body. Your body’s Life Force does the actual repairing.
  • The Distance Healing Circle may unblock your Life Force’s natural ability to heal your body.
  • Almost anyone can give or receive distance healing if they know how it works.
  • Distance Healing has stood the test of time, and there are ways to understand it with our modern scientific viewpoints.
  • The modern way to do Distance Healing is not by “sending” or “receiving” healing from a healer. That is an older tribal consciousness that resembles co-dependence. There is a better way.

Do you have pain?
Distance Healing may immediately reduce your pain. Your body knows how to heal, so when it gets the boost from a Distance Healing session, you might suddenly remember to stretch, eat right, and do whatever else has been difficult in managing your situation. Distance Healing might make you suddenly aware of a cause for the pain that you didn’t realize before. It often works indirectly like that.

Do you have cancer?
I have had a lot of success with cooling down tumors(so they hurt less, itch less and sometimes shrink) and promoting psycho/spiritual insights for people in my Distance Healing group.

Do you have digestive issues?
The digestive system is like a second nervous system. Anything to do with the nerves is able to respond quickly to energy therapies like Distance Healing. If that diet they’ve got you on is just too hard to follow, maybe some Distance Healing will help you bring your favorite foods back. If you are holding your stress in your gut, distance healing may immediately stop the nervous over stimulation that is causing constipation, bloating, diarrhea, nausea…

Do you have inflammation?
Allergies, heart disease, arthritis, and autoimmune conditions can often be soothed right on the spot with Distance Healing. Once they are soothed, the Distance Healing may give you inspiration, awareness, strength, courage, or luck to understand better how to take care of yourself.

Do you have a genetic disease?
The Distance Healing Circle may be the very thing to shift your epigenetics, that is, how your genes are expressed. In fact, I would use the Distance Healing Circle or other energy healing technologies as a first resort, not a last resort. There is a huge range in the health of people with similar genetic conditions. Maybe this would support getting you into the higher-functioning group.

The Distance Healing Circle doesn’t hurt, and it might help… a lot!
We forget that there are untapped wellsprings for recovery. Your connection to Source isn’t just a state of mind—it profoundly affects your physical wellness. Remote healing has been helping humans heal for eons of time—it’s time to let it help you too!

Hmm… sounds interesting?

  • You can do it from anywhere on the globe. This natural healing method of using the power of a group’s energy, doesn’t require you to be physically present with others. You can be anywhere and still take part in it. The Distance Healing Circle occurs once a week, through a 15-minute phone/online guided session facilitated by Suzanne Clegg. This is recorded in case you can’t make the live event.
  • It is open for everyone. Modern bio-physical medicine has its limits: some procedures and medications can’t be used on certain people because the side effects might kill them. On the other hand, the Distance Healing Circle is very inclusive. The only thing you need is an open heart, some willingness to practice a bit between group sessions, and a phone or internet connection.
  • It keeps working during the week. Your recovery doesn’t stop and start during the group call. Each day between sessions, Suzanne Clegg does a brief Distance Healing on you and the other group members. You are taught how to do distance healing and are encouraged to contribute to the group with your developing Distance Healing skills. That means that every day you get to give and receive healing with the other group members, including Suzanne. You get a daily email reminding you to connect to your spiritual Source and request healing for yourself and the others in the group.
  • You become an expert at giving and receiving Distance Healing. The longer you are in the group the deeper your personal spiritual practice of healing grows.

Ultimately, the Distance Healing Circle gives you an innovative way to restore your health, without having to abandon current medication or other forms of therapy. By giving strength to yourself and to others, in turn you receive strength, oftentimes in ways you could not have imagined. The Distance Healing Circle returns the self to a state where it can resonate holistic strength with the group, through meditation and the regeneration of the organic health.

The Distance Healing Circle is 100% natural. It doesn’t matter what medicine you could be taking, or what surgeries you’ve had in the past as this process won’t result in any health complications at all.

How is The Distance Healing Circle different from other remote healing methods?

  • The Distance Healing Circle encourages active, rather than passive participation. This is very different from just putting your name on a prayer list.
  • We utilize the power of the group. In research conducted with distance healing and energy healing, groups appear to enhance the effectiveness of healing.
  • This group is observation and skill based…not so much faith based. You can bring whatever faith is authentic for you (and please do!), but the training on how to give and receive distance healing will be about what to observe with your inner and outer awareness, and how to tweak your inner technique.
  • This is a training, not just a healing group. You gain an important life skill. It takes a deceptively small amount of effort to apply the principles that Suzanne will emphasize in the Theme of the Month. Energy healing uses subtle feedback which is easy to spot, but also easy to discount. You are encouraged to create the inner discipline to try the seemingly insignificant changes to your practice and to notice the effects. Your daily practice can be 1-15 minutes a day. Daily contact (showing up) with your heart-felt inner practice is probably just as important as how long you spend doing it. Rhythm (daily), quality (being authentic and fresh in your approach)…and then quantity of time spent is the order of importance.
  • This can deepen your personal spiritual practice. Most people tack this on to their pre-existing meditation, prayer or study practice. Sometimes helping others gets us started with helping ourselves. If you are trying to start meditating, the “service” aspect of the Distance Healing Circle may be just what you need to connect your heart with your inner practice. Hopefully it is a beautiful way to spend a few minutes a day which you can look forward to creating time for.

Distance Healing Circle: Getting Started

  • Register and pay for the group by using this link.
  • You will get a “Welcome” email and your name will be added to the group list (so the others can offer healing for you)
  • You can listen to the recording of last week’s call to experience your first Distance Healing Circle.
  • If you find it’s not for you at this time, email us within a week for a refund. If it’s been more than a week then we will just cancel the recurring billing so that you won’t be charged next month. Once you are on board and enjoying the weekly sessions and your daily practice, you can stop at any time. Simply email us and your next recurring billing will be canceled.
  • Consider joining with a friend to enhance the synergy of group healing.

The Weekly Distance Healing Circle Call:

  • On Tuesdays, you will get a call reminder. It happens Tuesdays from 2:00–2:15 Eastern time World Clock. It’s just 15 minutes, so even if you are working, you may be able to schedule a break at that time. You can also listen to the recordings (but please try to make it live).  Sometimes participants chat for a few minutes after the call, which is optional.
  • During the call, Suzanne will begins by inviting you to reflect on your situation and write down a request or intention for healing. When we write healing intentions on a piece of paper, the brain becomes more active and responsive towards other gestures of healing.
  • Then Suzanne guides the group in a Distance Healing visualization. Each part of the visualization has a part that enhances distance healing. Each month she will emphasize and briefly teach about that theme (see below). All you have to do is open your heart to the possibility of healing, listen and follow along in your imagination.
  • Suzanne teaches how to maintain your individuality and energetic boundaries while doing Distance Healing.
  • The guided visualization will assist us in forging a group resonant bond that helps you step from your current reality to a point of the highest connection with our creator, or our supra-conscious self. This is where the healing happens, the pain diminishes, tumors cool down, digestion starts working. It is rare that people feel nothing.
  • After we close the exercise, participants return to their normal state. Suzanne turns off the recording and there is often a few minutes of sharing. People report pain disappearing, peace entering, and new awareness. There is almost always a synchronicity of experiences as participants share similar visualizations, thought patterns and insights.

During the Week:

  • Every day, you will get an email reminding you to meditate on your personal connection to Source/God/True Nature/the Divine. When you feel you are more consciously aware of the Divine or are basking in a flow of well-being, energetically “share” this glow/flow with the other members of the group and anything else that you are grateful for.
  • Remember we are “resonating” not “fixing”. If I connect with my sense of Divine Presence, and I offer this vibration, this frequency, to you (inwardly…you are not consciously aware). If any part of you can use this frequency, this energy for healing, it will “resonate” and grow in you. If it is not helpful, it is as if it doesn’t exist in your experience. All you have to do to receive the healing is to be grateful for the well-wishes and connection with the other group members who also connect with their Divine Essence, Heavenly Father, True Nature, Presence, etc. This group welcomes diversity. These various ideas/philosophies/religions are not the same, and that’s OK! You can only deeply resonate with what is true for you, so focus your gratitude on what you do share with the other members.

Through this method, you will come to understand healing the physical body in a different way. Distance Healing Circle opens yourself to a bond that is as ancient as humanity itself, one that we have forgotten in a modern age where we are all so disconnected from one another.

Many patients immediately report a loss of pain, calm enlightenment, brilliant insights about certain problems, relaxation, and imaginations and visions that bring comfort, happiness, and awareness.

We open our heart for others, requesting our spiritual creator to enrich us with the healing energy that we have forgotten.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from all the free online prayer circles?

The Distance Healing Circle is part healing and part training. If the thought of showing up to the weekly call, doing a daily brief meditation, and learning how to hone your distance healing skills is exciting for you, then you are in the right place!

Is this a good place to practice William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling?

If you know how to do Bengston’s technique, this is a wonderful way to practice it. Suzanne may introduce you to many different “spinning” meditations as a way to enhance the healing. You will be encouraged to keep your personal inner practice lively and interesting for you. Each week, the group session is different so you won’t get bored.

A family member is too weak to participate in the online therapy session. Can he/she send a proxy instead?

As long as you are actively participating, it’s OK to request support for your loved one from the rest of the group. When you register, you will be asked what name you want to use publicly so that people can send you healing. At that time you can say your name and the person who needs healing. Make sure that you are their legal guardian or that you have their permission.

What happens when I don’t show up for the weekly distance healing session?

You can listen to the recording that will be available a day after the session. It is almost as good as being there and will help you stay engaged. The reason it is only 15 minutes long, is so that even busy people, with some planning, can take a break and join at that time.

What if I forget to do my daily meditation?

Nothing. No perfection required. The group will carry you on the days you don’t participate. If you link a 1-minute prayer to something you already do (like brushing your teeth, or when you get the daily email reminder), you will keep the energy alive. Then on the days that you want to spend more time, you can do so. It’s natural and OK to have ebbs and flows in your focus, but please join the group if you intend to attempt an almost-daily practice of remembering that people are doing a distance healing on you and of you offering distance healing to them.

Will you record the sessions?

Yes, all sessions are recorded. At the end of each session, a copy of the recording will be posted to the private members page on the website. Some people like to listen to the recording daily as part of their personal spiritual practice.

Why should I attend the calls live?

First, it’s more fun. Secondly, distance healing becomes stronger with more participants. The scientific rationale for this is that a stronger “resonant bond” is developed. Having you live during the online therapy sessions would significantly amplify the effectiveness of the Distance Healing Circle.

Can I unsubscribe immediately if I realize I don’t want to participate anymore?

Yes. Once you realize that the Distance Healing Circle has helped you enough, you can easily unsubscribe by replying to one of the daily newsletters sent out by the site. You won’t be charged the following month.


Each month we will focus on one theme that will be emphasized during the Distance Healing Sessions. Not only will you receive a whole lot of Distance Healing but you will become quite the expert at using the technique for your own private purposes

JANUARY Resonance without co-dependence.
How to amplify healing by creating a strong resonant bond to the group and to the individuals in the group.
FEBRUARY How to set your Intention for healing.
Receiving greater possibilities rather than bossing God around.
MARCH How to keep healing playful and powerful.
Connect with the boundary between casual imagination and causal imagination
APRIL Enlivening your senses in the imaginal realm.
How to wake up latent senses, and why this enhances healing
MAY Imprinting water with healing energy.
This and other ways to amplify and extend the session
JUNE Developing good energetic boundaries
You don’t need to merge with others to heal them. Good boundaries allow you to maintain your integrity as you give and receive distance healing with people different from you.
What to “do” while you are “not doing” to allow the healing to happen.
AUGUST What to observe.

How to tell, right during a session, if something helpful is happening.

SEPTEMBER Opening and closing a session
The power of intention at these critical moments that enhances healing and keeps your energy from leaking and dissipating.
OCTOBER Your Daily Practice.
How to enliven your morning or evening routine to include a brief distance healing for others. How to keep it light, fun, interesting and effective.
NOVEMBER Common mistakes with Distance Healing
When should you NOT do it. How to not inadvertently stop the healing
DECEMBER Accessing your inner teacher.
How to receive guidance during a Distance Healing.

$19.95/month includes

  • Weekly Distance Healing Circle phone/computer session (15 minutes, Tuesdays at 2:00 pm Eastern)
  • Daily emails inviting you to pray or do a distance healing on the others in the group.
  • Recordings of the session will be posted the next day, so you can listen if you missed the call, or if you want to use them in your personal Distance Healing practice.
  • Monthly Themes that train you how to strengthen your ability to both give and receive Distance Healing.
  • Sessions are giving by Suzanne Clegg, RD LAc. About 2-4 times a year, she will not be available for the session, in which case she will cancel. She has been doing this circle for many years and cancellations are few and far between. Members will be able to use the recording from the previous week to keep up their momentum.

There’s something special about you if you are interested in distance healing.

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