How I “connect” with someone when I do distance healing.

I am an Acupuncturist, Dietitian, Sound Healer, and I specialize in cancer care.  Over the past few years, I have added Distance Healing to my repertoire.  It came out of a real need to support my patients who had flown into town to be treated by me.  Remote Healing or Distance Healing helped my patients need fewer in-person visits with me.  I found that I could facilitate hot cancerous tumors cooling down, pain going away, life being more comfortable and usually longer.  Recently I had a patient have a complete remission of her cancer which surprised her doctors.  I never met her in person.

Am I magical?  Only in a poetic sense… the way a good cook is magical or a great musician is magical.  I prefer to think of myself as sensitive, skilled and experienced.

My “abilities” came with practice, feedback and observation of results.  Then I tweaked the process.

Today I’d like to break down (into probably way too much detail) the things I do to “connect” to my distance-healing clients.  This will interest you if you are curious how distance-healing is done, or if you also do distance-healing and want to join in a conversation about how my approach is the same or different from yours.

Step One:  Have a physical sensory contact.  Telephone (hearing). Video conferencing (hearing and seeing). Hair (kinesthetic). Holding an object that represents my client (kinesthetic).

Step Two:  Stay contained in myself.  If I’m all over the place, I won’t be able to notice if I am connected to my client.

Step Three:  I think of them or speak to them and invite their PRESENCE to be with me.  This is the non-physical, non-spacial aspect of them.  It feels as if they are entering the room.  A metaphor is that we are all connected all the time but we are unaware.  I “tune in” and suddenly I feel their presence…their frequency…their energetic signature.

An exercise to learn this is to have several people that you know volunteer to come into the room behind your back and then leave after a minute.  You don’t look at them.  Notice that the whole room feels different when it’s one person versus another.  You are feeling their “field”.   I would suggest that this field isn’t like an energetic bubble that surrounds their body.  Rather, it is an energetic signature that I literally tune myself into.

I use my body, not so much my mind as the tuner.  My body feels different when I am connected.  Sometimes it’s just a “click”.  Other times, especially if I ask, I get images that are medically significant.  With practice, I’ve learned when the images are a genuine connection with something real in my client, and when I am just making them up.  If I get therapeutic images, that’s another sign that I am connected.

Step Four is do the healing.

Step Five is to DISCONNECT.  I don’t stop caring about them, but I am no longer using my concentration and focus to be aware of them.  I “leave the room.

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