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Suzanne Clegg on Bengston Energy Healing Method

Joseph Cullen Interviews  Suzanne Clegg on Bengston Energy Healing Method – Part 1 Energy Healing has been around since the dawn of time.  In the last hundred years or so it has been labelled as “unscientific” and therefore not a viable option for healing if you really need to solve a health crisis.  Suzanne Clegg has 4 years of graduate school in neurophysiology, […]

How To “Ground” yourself during an Energy Healing Session?

How To “Ground” yourself during an Energy Healing Session? My Energy Healing Session begins with a process to calm the mind and becomes fully present with the patient.  Whether you are giving or receiving Energy Healing Session of Octave Resonance Healing Method™, Reikki, Eden Energy Medicine, acupuncture, Bengston Energy Healing Method®, Quantum Touch, or something similar, GROUNDING i...

What people ask me about William Bengston Hands on Healing

WILLIAM BENGSTON HANDS ON HEALING   I’ve spoken with hundreds of people that have asked me about the William Bengston Hands on Healing Method.  Do I still do it?  What makes me different?  The short answer is, yes, I still do it.  The difference is where the method has taken me. Much of how I work […]

Energy Healing for Dogs with cancer – Empowering Questions

Energy Healing for Dogs Did you know that most dogs die of cancer?  Sometimes when they are elderly and all-too-often, when they are relatively young.  If you have a dog—perk up—you may need this information sooner than you like. Your experience of having a dog with cancer does not have to be one of horror […]

Cleaning as Healing?

We clean and purify our minds of limiting beliefs and thoughts. We clean our emotional life by presenting our anger, fear and sadness to trusted friends, lovers and therapists to help us experience more joy and peace. We “clean up” our routines and discipline ourselves so that there is time for important activities. We buy […]

Sleeping Well with the Octave Resonance Healing™

Can’t sleep? Don’t just take a pill! What can you do physically, functionally, emotionally and spiritually to get a good night’s sleep? Octave of the Physical Look around your bedroom–is there something you can do with the physical set-up that will enhance sleep? Only sleep in your bed. Don’t read or watch TV in bed. Make sure […]

Distance Healing and Plants

How can we “observe” things that are not physical? Rudolf Steiner (and many others) talked about the “4 Levels” of being: Spiritual, Astral, Etheric and Physical. In my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ I combine that 4-fold view of life with the Law of the Octave that I got from learning Harmonic Medicine and the physics of […]

Animals and Energy Medicine

Do animals respond to energy medicine? Some of you may remember that a few years ago, I healed a hamster of a huge tumor on her head. Hamsters normally live about 2 years, so just shy of 2 years old, she did pass. That little creature was a huge teacher for me! When she developed […]

How to Decide What to Eat

The Truth of what food plan is best for you is not in science. The Truth of what food plan is best for you is not in your emotions. The Truth of what food plan is best for you is not in making it convenient to prepare. The Truth is something else. The Truth about […]

Are You An Eagle Or An Ostrich?

Wonder Awe Reverence Mystery Silence Stillness Allowing Surrender Positive interpretation of life’s events…..are not to be confused with magical thinking. Think of the eagle…far-sighted and able to catch subtle air currents to reach her goal. Then think of the ostrich…burying her head in the sand because she is too afraid to face her reality. The […]