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Nutrition – Ways to Enhance Distance Healing

Are you a fan of distance healing? I used to think that if I was “good at it” my patients would respond.  What I’ve discovered from specializing in energy medicine for cancer, is that being “good at” distance healing means understanding the factors that may influence the outcome.  Here are some of them: 10 Ways […]

Does Distance Healing Defy Natural Law?

Distance Healing Defy Natural Law? Distance healing is an ancient time-honored practice. I specialize in distance healing for Cancer, and I do that because it’s easy for me to cool down hot cancerous tumors and reduce pain… over the phone.  With this immediate feedback, so it’s easy for my clients to tell if it is […]

Psychic Powers and Distance Healing

“Do you have to be psychic to do distance-healing?” “Does being a psychic make you a better healer?” “How does being psychic assist in distance-healing?” Like most things in life, the answers to these questions are not black and white.  The simple answers are no, you do not need to be psychic in order to […]

Distance Healing Sessions – Story of Kelly’s Journey

A little while ago I participated in another cancer cure. Special because it broke through two barriers that I had previously experienced in Distance Healing sessions. Previously, I have never facilitated a cure with someone who has had chemo… she did Previously I have never had a complete cancer remission on someone I had never met in […]

William Bengston Energy Healing Method With Suzanne Clegg

William Bengston Method – With Suzanne Clegg (part 2) Here’s the continuation of the Interview with Suzanne Clegg and Joseph Cullen on William Bengston method from October 2018. They discuss: How William Bengston’s Rapid Image Cycling is different from positive thinking Healing as “resonance” rather than “transfer” from healer to healee. Beginners luck with hands-on-healing is [&hel...

Three misconceptions about Cancer

Three misconceptions about Cancer I am a registered Dietitian Nutritionist, an Acupuncturist and I do energetic healing specifically for cancer. I am going to talk about three misconceptions about Cancer. 1. Nutrition is super important or not important at all These are both misconceptions. There can be a tendency to think that if you just […]

Pet Cancer Without Chemo

Pet Cancer Without Chemo Pet cancer is huge. Half of the dogs now die of cancer.  That means your dog may get cancer and you may have to be dealing with it.  You probably have a friend who is dealing with it now. I decided to shoot this short video (scroll down to watch video) […]

Bengston Energy Healing Method – Part 1

Joseph Cullen Interviews  Suzanne Clegg on Bengston Energy Healing Method – Part 1 Energy Healing has been around since the dawn of time.  In the last hundred years or so it has been labeled as “unscientific” and therefore not a viable option for healing if you really need to solve a health crisis.  Suzanne Clegg has 4 years of graduate school in neurophysiology, […]