Joseph Cullen Interviews  Suzanne Clegg on Bengston Energy Healing Method – Part 1

Bengston Energy Healing Method

Energy Healing has been around since the dawn of time.  In the last hundred years or so it has been labeled as “unscientific” and therefore not a viable option for healing if you really need to solve a health crisis.  Suzanne Clegg has 4 years of graduate school in neurophysiology, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist.  She’s been involved with holistic medicine, including Energy Healing, for over 3 decades.   In 2005 she undertook being mentored by William Bengston, Ph.D., in his method of energy healing.  Bengston has done at least 15 peer-reviewed university studies documenting time and time again, complete cancer remissions in what would have been otherwise considered incurable mice. 

Joseph Cullen, a naturopathic student, interviewed Suzanne Clegg about her experience with the Bengston Method”, and her 13 years of applying the method clinically.  SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE FULL INTERVIEW. Here are a few highlights: 


Joseph:  How did you become an Acupuncture and Distance Healing Expert? 

Suzanne: I started my career as a Clinical Dietitian in a hospital.  A friend recommended I take a Holistic Healing course in the Midwifery Graduate program at the University of Utah.  There I learned about acupuncture and Touch For Health (a method that uses muscle testing and acupressure to promote health).  The head cook of the hospital I worked at had terrible neck pain.  I recommended that he try acupuncture, but he didn’t like needles.  I offered to try what I had learned in my 3-day acupressure workshop.  Halfway through the energy balancing session, his pain was completely gone for the first time in years!  He canceled his neck surgery.   This incident not only changed his life, but it changed my life as well.  I decided to get some acupuncture and was cured of debilitating menstrual cramps.  I decided to go to Acupuncture School.  I was so impressed with the results that acupuncture offered that I wanted to make it more available –especially for women.  At the time, I thought that all we needed to do was to understand how it works and then we could embrace it.  I passionately embarked on four years of graduate school in Neurophysiology.  I was young and did not understand the politics of medicine.  I didn’t understand what gets funding for research and what doesn’t.  Now it is more acceptable, but in the 1980s it was way outside the box.   

Eventually, I decided to not fight the system, and just do what I am really good at.  I was a good researcher, but I’m a better clinician.  I finished up my acupuncture training in 1990.  While I was being an acupuncturist, my husband was a professor at St. Josephs College and introduced me to his colleague, Bill Bengston.  I would go to parties at Bengston’s home and meet people whom he had cured of their cancer.  I was there in the wings (so to speak) while Bengston was doing his research showing 100% cures in groups of cancerous mice.   


Joseph: How did you evolve into doing the Bengston Method? 

Suzanne: Whenever I met Bengston, I would ask him what he did to get his results.  Since I was a hot-shot acupuncturist and had all sorts of training in a variety of energy healing methods, when he told me his technique, I didn’t quite believe him.  His Rapid Image Cycling technique seemed like a version of positive thinking, and I knew he was doing more than just that.   

 So even though I knew about Bengston and his work since 1990, it wasn’t until 2005 that I asked him to mentor me.  I learned so much more from him than what he teaches in his 2-day workshops. It takes a day or so to learn Rapid Image Cycling.  It takes much more to know how to actually work with a patient.     

I took my patients to Bengston, and he came to my office and would watch me work on them.  He gave pointers.  He showed me how to handle naturally-healing tumors and I gained confidence that comes from hundreds of hours of practice (now 10,000+ hours of practice).   


Joseph: How do you explain how cancer responds so well to energy medicine? 

Suzanne: I like to use a metaphor, which describes the feeling I have when a hot tumor cools down when I treat it.  It is as if the cancer cells are “looking” for the information on how to stop dividing.  I introduce them to it, and they respond with turning their growth off.   

 Listen to full video as Joseph asks Suzanne these questions: 

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