Are You Taking Care of a Person or Pet with Cancer? -

Are you taking care of a person or pet with cancer?


Worried about the pain, the side effects of medications, and  the impending suffering that looms ahead?  There must be an easier way to help them!  Something that at worst makes them feel better and also gives a beacon of hope for a longer and better life…for the both of you!


Have you thought of including energy healing into their care, but you wonder how to do it so that it actually makes a difference?  Does your fear of cancer prevent you from offering what you can with your healing hands?
I help people who already know a little (or a lot) about energy medicine, whose beloved friend, family member or pet has cancer. I teach them to stop  pain and activate natural healing forces.  I empower people to do this in the convenience of their own homes.  Most clients can start doing this in the very first session.


For the past 15 years of my 40-year career as a holistic health professional, I’ve specialized in cancer.  I have shown hundreds of people how to easily reduce pain, and cool down hot cancerous tumors in their beloved friend, family member or pet.


You might have tried to “give a healing session” and hope for the best.  I teach you how to tell if it is working so you can tweak your technique and get measurable physical results.  I’ve facilitated complete cancer remissions without chemo or radiation.  I’ve also facilitated supporting people through the transition of death—making it more comfortable and meaningful.  You do most of the hands-on work, and I act as a guide and coach.  You benefit from my clinical experience.


This is ONLY for people who are taking care of a person or pet with cancer.

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