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Suzanne Clegg, RDN, LAc

Author, “There Is Another Way: Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer”
Founder, Octave Resonance Healing Approach™
NYS Licensed and National Board Certified Acupuncturist
Bengston Energy Healing Method® Practitioner
Certified Acutonics® Practitioner
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Safe & effective holistic healing.
Scientifically sound, while honoring the
unseen ties that hold your health together.

Because healing?
It’s not just about your body.
There really truly is
Another Way

In my 35 year career of helping people overcome serious health issues, I’ve learned that the best way to get people fundamentally better is a total body-mind-spirit approach. That approach is rare.

That’s why I’m here … to provide another way.

Serious health problems don’t always need dangerous drugs or risky surgeries.

There are already plenty of doctors practicing western medicine, and that’s fine. You may want, or need a western style practitioner. That’s fine, too.

But you’re here because you know there’s something missing…and you want something different.

Yes, doctors, drugs, surgery, and extreme treatments all have their uses at the right time and place.

But shouldn’t they be a last resort?
Trying to brute force your body back to health is a flawed strategy. Healing is about more than just the physical.

It’s about giving your body the opportunity to heal itself. It’s about unblocking your body’s natural healing force. It’s about harmonizing the energetic vibrations that resonate in every part of your Being.

A healthy life takes more than just a healthy body. It needs the whole package, and I’ll help guide you through this healing process.

I love diving into a medical report and learning the hard facts.

But you can’t heal yourself with facts alone…

The real healing comes from the force that breathes life into your body.

This healing force is inside everyone, but in illness it needs to be “woken up”. I’ll help coax your Life Force into action, so you can return to a natural healthy state.

It’s not that I’m opposed to Western Medicine – I’m not!
But, I love helping my patients recover using natural non-toxic methods so much better!

Don’t get lost in the fine details…

It’s not about using a certain herb. It’s not about learning some “secret” meditation tool. It’s not even about the desire to heal.

It’s about being present with your health situation with your whole being.

A simple and powerful path to achieving that is through my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™, which acknowledges all four octaves of healing:

  • Octave of Physical: The mechanical and biochemical aspect of health.
  • Octave of Life Force: The part of you that rhythmically repairs your body.
  • Octave of Emotions: Your feelings and mental images.
  • Octave of Spiritual: Your individuality and self reflection.

The services I offer to you today aren’t just the result of years of training, but thanks to the help of the many people who’ve come to me in search of a solution.

They were stuck, desperate for a different perspective and a different therapy that would restore their health, and relied on me to take care of them. They’ve helped me learn and grow, and their total health transformations have let me know I’m on the right track.

Everything I Do Now, I Had to Learn From Scratch

  • I grew up dancing. From the age of four through college, I was a ballet and modern dancer. I no longer perform, but I still dance for fitness and enjoyment.
    • With all that movement and awareness of my own body, I developed the ability to tune into your body and sense what’s off, and how to help.
  • I saw my father’s headaches get better when he avoided certain foods. As a ballet dancer I was interested in eating for thinness and wanted to do it “right”. I became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.
    • This 4-year science degree and working as a Clinical Dietitian in hospitals gave me the experience to assess your nutritional status by looking at blood tests. It also gave me the experience to confidently work with other members of your health care team.
  • Four years of graduate school in neurophysiology taught me to think like a researcher.
    • If you have a complex problem, I can think creatively about how to help you. I don’t have to apply formulas to your situation and merely hope for the best.
  • As a Licensed and National Board Certified Acupuncturist,
    • I know how to read the energy flows in your body. I know how to help you change those flows with needles, light, sound, pressure, heat and visualization. When your energy is flowing smoothly, it promotes healing.
  • Herbalism(Chinese and Western plant medicine) was a natural extension of being a nutritionist.
    • I can help you find non-toxic safe alternatives to most medications. I help you responsibly talk with your doctor about reducing meds if they are not needed.
  • I learned and taught Acutonics® harmonic medicine—sound healing. This allows me to do much more than simply stimulate acupuncture points with sound (which in itself is profoundly effective)! It opened up my intuition. Sound healing taught me how to instantly know if the treatment I was giving someone was working (it resonates…literally).
    • What this means for you is that you don’t waste time getting healing sessions that aren’t working. If things aren’t flowing, I change something until they do. I don’t just give you a “formula-style” treatment. I’m able to monitor your energy and tell right on the spot if adjustments are necessary. I can now accomplish as much in one treatment as it used to take me 5-10 treatments.
  • I became a Medical Intuitive. This isn’t some psychic woo-woo trip. My intuition goes beyond the psychic level to an awareness of your Essence.
    • When I’m Present with you, tuning into your Essence, healing happens. It’s rather lovely, and quite profound. I can often direct your attention to how to affirm and experience your body healing itself. It’s empowering. I can work this way with you in my office, or at a distance (so you don’t have to travel to me so much). I’m pretty good at treating cancerous pain and cooling down tumors over the phone. Since I have this perceptive ability, Skype coaching/healing sessions are almost as if I’m right there with you.
  • I was privately mentored by Dr. William Bengston and not only learned his Bengston Energy Healing Method®, and his Rapid Image Cycling® technique but also learned how to manage naturally healing cancers.
    • My idea of a good time is to put my hands on an ugly cancerous tumor and experience a peace-filled energy shift as the tumor cools and the pain goes away. I absolutely love it when complete remission occurs!
  • I wrote the book “There Is Another Way: Energy Medicine for Pets with Cancer”,
    • so you could have a step-by-step handbook to use energy medicine for a beloved pet or a person. People have another layer of complexity, but everything about animals also applies to people.
  • I created the Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ to simplify your healing.
    • To help you make sense of all the different things going on in your body-mind-spirit, so you can focus on a few things and watch the ripple effect as other things also heal.

Before you read any further, please know:
You are not alone. Many many people have made it through this before – you can too. Health is a journey, not a destination. Healing can take time, but it’s not too hard. You can do this. Go at your own pace. RELAX. Respect nature, and trust your body. Listen to your life force – it wants to heal you. You have everything you need. Your life and your health matter.

The Path That Led Me Here– My Story

It was 1980, and I was working in a hospital as a nutritionist. Things were going fine, but it turns out I had health problems of my own.

I had paralyzing menstrual pain every month. I couldn’t work at my hospital job several days a month. The doctors offered to remove my uterus…

This is when I became absolutely convinced that there was something missing from western medicine. I was suffering from menstrual cramps, and their only solution was to remove my uterus?

I couldn’t accept what they were telling me. I really wanted to have children someday, and I knew there just had to be another way…

I started looking for alternative methods. Anything that could offer a better solution.

In my younger days, I thought alternative medicine was too “out there” for me.

I took pride in my hard-earned science degree, but I was driven into a corner, and with nowhere else to turn, I decided to go to some acupuncture sessions.

“WOW” Is all I can really say. This experience changed my life forever.

I’d been this close to letting the doctors perform a life-altering surgery on me, and here I was after ten little acupuncture treatments – totally fine! I’m happy to also say that I was able to easily get pregnant and now have two beautiful daughters.

I knew I wasn’t the only one looking for a different way.

After experiencing what acupuncture can do first hand, I knew I had to learn how to do it myself. I wanted to help people, and if I could be healed with acupuncture, other people could, too.

I thought the problem with people not using acupuncture was that they didn’t understand it. So I went to four years of graduate school in neurophysiology thinking it would be simple to study acupuncture and help people.

Well, the real world isn’t that simple.

I was waaayyy ahead of my time, and I didn’t understand the politics of medicine and the politics of medical research funding. So after 4 years of graduate school in neurophysiology, I decided to get out of research and do what I loved even more…to work with people directly by doing acupuncture and nutrition consulting.

Unlike China, where people go to acupuncture for the sniffles and minor aches and pains, acupuncture was new in the United States. Most of my patients came to me as a last resort, and I got used to helping many of them recover from terrible illnesses.
However, sometimes nutrition and acupuncture weren’t enough.

I branched out into different alternative approaches. I studied harmonic medicine, and became a sound healer. I became Senior Faculty at the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine.

I studied under William Bengston, PhD and not only learned his Bengston Energy Healing Method® and his Rapid Image Cycling® technique, but also learned how to manage naturally healing cancer.

And finally…

After years of study and practice, I created my own Octave Resonance Healing Method™.

It’s been quite a journey, and I am profoundly grateful for the richness of my life experience, because it has prepared me to maybe help you.

If you’ve got something “incurable”, or something simple that you suspect there is a good natural solution for, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work!

Looking for something more official? I’ve got you covered.

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