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Sleep – Ways to Enhance Distance Healing

This is a continuing series of how to enhance distance healing. Distance healing can be learned and it is a skill that can be cultivated. Check out my other blogs on ways to enhance distance healing through High Frequency and Nutrition. Today’s blog is about using sleep to enhance distance healing.  Tip #1.  (The easiest […]

Frequency – A Way to Enhance Distance Healing

Frequency: This is the next blog in my series of “How to Enhance Distance Healing”. If you missed my first way to Enhance Distance Healing, check it out here. I specialize in distance healing for cancer.  You may think this is either impossible or magical but I’ve actually discovered that it does work and has some […]

Nutrition – Ways to Enhance Distance Healing

Are you a fan of distance healing? I used to think that if I was “good at it” my patients would respond.  What I’ve discovered from specializing in energy medicine for cancer, is that being “good at” distance healing means understanding the factors that may influence the outcome.  Here are some of them: 10 Ways […]