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Does Distance Healing Defy Natural Law?

Distance Healing Defy Natural Law? Distance healing is an ancient time-honored practice. I specialize in distance healing for Cancer, and I do that because it’s easy for me to cool down hot cancerous tumors and reduce pain… over the phone.  With this immediate feedback, so it’s easy for my clients to tell if it is […]

Energy Healing

Do you have to believe in Energy Healing in order to get well? Many of my clients enthusiastically tell me that they “believe” in me.  I know that it’s their way of saying they are committed to the process of Energy Healing for their own or their pet’s cancer.  However, I cringe a little when […]

Psychic Powers and Distance Healing

“Do you have to be psychic to do distance-healing?” “Does being a psychic make you a better healer?” “How does being psychic assist in distance-healing?” Like most things in life, the answers to these questions are not black and white.  The simple answers are no, you do not need to be psychic in order to […]