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Headaches? Tricks Most People Don’t Know

Headaches are often passed off as minor annoyances, but there are also times when they can be a lot more extreme. Are you suffering from an almost indescribably painful headache that makes your head spin, that pound incessantly in your skull? Are you at the point where you’ve “tried everything”? This is the last segment […]

Headache? Nutrition Tips to Ease the Pain

Are you feeling powerless about the vice-like grip of your headaches? Are you taking way-too-many, or just plain dangerous medications for them? Do you dissociate from yourself so you can function in spite of them? There is another way. You might be living with pain that could be treated, prevented and perhaps eliminated with my […]

Headache? Acupuncture Points to Try on Yourself

Do your headaches take such a severe shape that you’re forced to take painkillers? Do you feel your pain you feel is beyond your control?  Pain medications provide only temporary relief–or no relief at all.  Plus, they have side effects.  Did you know that ibuprofen can cause:  high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, rebound headaches, dizziness […]

Headaches? Use Emotions to Help it Stop

Are headaches ruining your work and personal life? Between the pain and the constant pounding between your ears, do you find yourself wishing for a numbing sleep to escape from the agony? There is hope! You are living with pain that could be treated and even prevented with my Octave Resonance Healing Approach™ to Headaches. […]