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Welcome! I have received your request for the 10 Tips for Natural Cancer Pain Management. Here is the link to view:  CLICK HERE

The Difference Between Distance Healing and Prayer

Distance healing and prayer are both powerful spiritual tools for Physical Healing. They are both time-honored traditions that have been validated in our time with our own transformative experiences and with scientific studies. A common form of prayer is a request for help from a Higher Power. You seek to connect with a Spiritual Source […]

Transforming Fear to Love

This exercise will help you get out of switching from being terrified or just ignoring that you are terrified.  When fear transforms, body/mind/spirit healing happen.  Try it and let me know how you do. You will need 2-5 minutes of privacy and two objects that you can hold in your hands.  I like to use round Mochi […]

When 1 + 1 does not equal 2

When we face illness, it really helps to keep things simple.    Simple cause and effect, problem and cure, action and reaction.  We want to feel better NOW and we don’t have time to fuss and bother.  We may want to take a million supplements, do exotic spiritual exercises, feel our feelings, eat fresh local organic […]

Western versus Holistic Camps

Which camp do you belong to?  Western medicine or holistic medicine? The right camp (according to me) is neither! If  you believe in holistic treatments, or western medicine, to the exclusion of the other, you’ve got your head in the sand.    If your head is in the sand, ignoring solutions that are right in front of […]

Symptoms are IMPORTANT in Holistic Healing!

So exactly HOW do you go about working holistically with something when you know all you really care about is [insert your symptom/condition].  Here are some steps to help you organize yourself.  As you read through these steps, note that you can work on all levels simultaneously.   An elegant plan is one where you are […]

Do Plants respond to “energy work”?

Dear Suzanne, Acupuncture, Laying-on-of Hands, Prayer, Sound Healing…just a bunch of fancy placebo treatments, right? Last time I showed you my adventures of healing a hamster. Did the hamster “believe” in me?  I don’t think so.   I doubt she was working hard to align her attitude so she could heal.  (If you missed seeing […]